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ROAD RUN 1                    
This run will be led by Ransomes, Simms & Jefferies 24090

Monday 11 November

Leaving Maewa, down Lethbridge Rd, Makino Rd, Makay Rd, SH 54 to Cheltenham, Kimbolton Rd, Oroua Valley Rd to Apiti.   Approx  43km.

The Apiti Hotel has backpacker accommodation, an outside shower and public toilet facilities. Campervan parking available. The restaurant may open for an evening meal (subject to prior bookings).

Tuesday 12November

Leaving Apiti  and travelling north on the Main South Rd, Te Parapara Rd to Rangiwahia. Approx 22km.

NOTE  there are some good photo opportunities on this stretch of road with a sharp climb to Table Flat.

Accommodation is in the Rangiwahia hall, which the club has booked for two nights here . There  are kitchen facilities in the hall, so some sort of communal meal will be organized. Campervan and whare parking is available in the domain next door to the hall for a small fee.

Wednesday 13 November

Ransomes, Simms & Jefferies 24090 - and any other engines that wish to tag along - will travel from Rangiwahia  via Ruahine Rd, Karewarewa  Rd to the very spot where she was first discovered 50 years earlier and purchased by  Mike Barnes, Ron Alexander, Ron Boyce, John Pudsey, Ian Chamberlain and Mike Coglan.  Here we plan to have a photo session and, weather permitting,  the Ransomes will be positioned  in the very spot where she rested all those years ago.

Then return to Rangiwahia for the evening in the hall and a social evening.  Approx  12km. 

Thursday 14November

Leaving Rangiwahia, travelling south on Rangiwahia Rd to Kimbolton.  Approx 35km.

 We will arrange parking for the engines  at Kimbolton, where  there are public toilets.  The local pub can put on take-away meals (if we advise them in advance of numbers).  As we have not yet  found accommodation at Kimbolton,  we may have to ferry people back to the  Cheltenham Hotel.

Friday 15November

Leaving Kimbolton, travelling south on Kimbolton Rd, Reids Line West, Makino Rd, Lethbridge Rd, Maewa Rd back to the club site. Approx 30km.

The evening meal will be at the Rangitikei Club (bookings will be taken closer to the time).


Monday 11 November

Leaving Maewa  -  Lethbridge Rd,  Managhs Rd,  Halcombe Rd, Kakariki Rd, SH 1, Makirikiri Rd,  Goldings Line, King St, Station Rd East, Main St,  Nga Tawa Rd, Calico Line,  Tutaenui  Rd,  Galpins Rd - to the site of the first Steam Traction Engine Society engine shed.

From there,  Jefferson’s Line, Leedstown Rd, SH 1, to Hunterville. Approx. 54 km total to accommodation at the Station Hotel, which has hotel rooms, backpacker accommodation and campervan sites; 
evening meals and breakfasts by arrangement.

Tuesday 12 November

SH 1 to Vinegar Hill, SH 54, Lower Pakihikura Rd, Upper Pakihikura Rd, Peep-O-Day Road, Rangiwahia Rd to Rangiwahia.  Approx. 58k to accommodation in the Hall and at Domain, as with Road Run 1.

Wednesday 13 November

Engines can accompany Ransomes, Simms & Jefferies 24290 to Karewarewa Rd for photos etc.  Return to Rangiwahia.  Approx. 12km.

Thursday 14 November

Rangiwahia Rd, Kimbolton Rd to Cheltenham .  Approx 40km to accommodation at the Cheltenham Hotel.  Hotel accommodation and campervan parking.  Evening meal by arrangement.

Friday 15 November

Cheltenham /Hunterville Rd, Mackay Rd, Makino Rd, Lethbridge Rd to Club site.  Approx  18km.   


This is a short two-day run to enable members to travel by car to meet up with Road Runs One and Two at Rangiwahia.

Monday 11 November

Lethbridge Rd, Makino Rd, MacKay Rd, Cheltenham/Hunterville Rd to Cheltenham.  Approx  18km.

Cheltenham Hotel  has  accommodation and campervan parking.  Evening meal by arrangement.

Tuesday 12 November

SH 54, Reid Line West,  Makino Rd, Lethbridge Rd to Club site.  Approx  18km.


Saturday 16 November

Lethbridge Rd, Makino Rd, Lethbridge St, North St, West St, Awahuri  Feilding Rd, across SH 3, Green Rd, Rongotea  Rd, No 1 Line, Karere Rd, SH 54, Tane Rd, SH 57 to Tokomaru.  Approx  64km.  Accommodation to be arranged.

Sunday 17 November

Open Day at Tokamaru Steam Engine Museum.

Engines return to Club site at later date – via same route.